Doula care is truly an investment in the long term well-being of yourself and your family.  The benefits of support are numerous and proven. It takes a village; tried and true. These days, living a significant distance from our family support systems is a reality for most. The cost of travel, time off from work and the logistics of hosting family in from out of town can be prohibitive. In these circumstances and more, hiring a trained and experienced doula means ensuring the support you need is there for you when & how you need it.  Services are planned and agreed upon; professionalism always maintained. My core agreements with myself, my Clients’, Colleagues, and Community are to be clear, honest and kind with my communication and boundaries; remain objective and grounded in all situations without personalizing or making assumptions, and to always, and in all ways, do my best.   


I structure my fees to accommodate all budgets and financial circumstances. I firmly & simply believe that all women who want doula support should have it. So how can we as a community collaborate to make that happen and how can we best support each other? My services are available at reduced rates and pro bono upon request, determined on a case by case basis and as my schedule allows.


Great News! Gift Certificates are Available! Do you have more than all the baby gear and accessories you’ll ever need? Swimming in swaddle blankets, diapers and wipes? Need support but don’t have close family or friends nearby? Doula support is an excellent addition to your gift registry requests. Simply have your friends or family contact me for more information and I’ll set up a gift account in your name.

Thank you for paying it forward and for asking for help and financial flexibility as needed.

Rates available upon request.

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