Praise & Appreciation


To put it simply, Danielle saved my life.

I didn't even know what a postpartum night doula was before we met Danielle and now I know I couldn't have survived without one. Being first time parents in Boulder (away from any family), our birth doula, Lisa, recommenced that we hire Danielle for a few nights in the very beginning to help. "Help" doesn't begin to describe what Danielle's presence did for us... Having Danielle is the greatest gift new parents can give themselves. She not only helped care for our newborn daughter, but she helped care for me, and helped my husband care for both of us. She was a calming presence during a very fragile time and was never pushy or judgmental. She helped us adapt to our new routine and carefully crafted little ways for us to all help, nourish, and bond with our new little unit. Danielle prepared nourishing foods for me, she gave us little tips and tricks (the red light in the nursery was the best idea ever!), and she helped us get started with a sleep routine that has shockingly turned our daughter into the best sleeper of any baby her age. Our little one sleeps 10 - 12 hours, uninterrupted, every night. I don't ever tell new moms this because they 1) don't believe me and 2) don't want to believe me because they have not had the same success. I can honestly say that I sleep better now with an 8 month old than I ever did during my childless years and can 100% credit this to Danielle, the baby whisperer.

The sleep is wonderful but.... when I think about our time with Danielle, she helped me transition into my new life as a mother. If there is one piece of advice I can give you, person reading this who is considering hiring Danielle....invite this woman into your life.

- Jolene & Chad 

"We had a wonderful experience with Danielle. We had no family around and she really helped us with our 2 year old and our newborn. She's also an amazing cook and a great photographer. I can't recommend her enough!" 

- Daisy & Arthur

"Our family is endlessly grateful for Danielle's loving presence and steadfast kindness. The way she's shown up for us and cared for our daughter makes us think she's an actual angel. A lovely, bad-ass Doula angel! I greatly appreciate her empathy and non-judgmental approach. She came into our lives 8 weeks postpartum, after an arduous journey into parenthood that took us from preterm, emergency Cesarean birth to 5 weeks in the NICU and into a postpartum twilight zone. Her support and attention to detail were invaluable. She cooked, tidied up, helped us care for our daughter, provided sleep support and overnight care, facilitated deeply therapeutic restorative yoga sessions and so, so much more. She mentored and encouraged us as new parents, always with kindness, understanding and much appreciated humor. She is our dear friend and a super special soul. She's simply delightful & we love her so much."

 - Kate & Michael

"I truly believe the stars aligned the day we hired Danielle as a sibling doula for our toddler. Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I felt increasingly anxious about the lack of family nearby and the mania of the approaching holiday season. It felt like no coincidence I went into labor 48 hours after meeting and hiring Danielle; it was one of the best decisions we made. I felt completely at ease (excited, even!) leaving our daughter in her care during such a tender time.

Danielle is intuitive, understanding, thorough as hell, and just plain magnetic with little ones. She's also magic with a laboring mama! Our son’s birth felt easy, despite all the “big stuff” happening in the middle of the night. I’m forever grateful Danielle was such an integral part of our birth team – we all felt so seen, heard and well-taken care of. She is truly an amazing human. We'll most definitely have her on speed-dial for any future additions.

- Danielle & Steve

"Danielle, Doula DeeLight, held an essential role in my daughter Solvei's entry into this world and in my transformation into motherhood-- both of which were challenging journeys. I could write ten pages on why new mothers would enormously benefit from working with Doula DeeLight during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. However for brevity--I am a new mom after all, with little time or energy for such ventures-- I can say that Danielle is the kind of woman you want by your side as you enter the monumental journey of becoming a mother.

She supported me in all dimensions--emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual throughout this journey. She is an encyclopedia of practical information and wisdom for pregnancy, birth, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, breastfeeding, you name it. Any question or challenge that arose, I knew I could ask her. If she didn't feel able to answer, she encouraged me to find what I sought and offered resources and community referrals. Her emotional support was crucial and so appreciated.  I endured an incredibly challenging pregnancy with hypermesis gravidarium (severe all day morning sickness) throughout which wore on me emotionally and psychologically. Danielle's inherent deep compassion and non-judgment encouraged me to be honest and face what arose in conjunction with the physical symptoms-fears, attachments etc., as I transformed into Mother.  What it took to birth my daughter naturally was complete surrender and complete devotion.  Without Danielle, our birth story would not look like it did. 

Postpartum, Danielle was a super star.  Remember-- there is no break between birthing your child and the immediate 24/7 care and attention that baby needs to survive and thrive. I was entirely exhausted!  She stayed with us and took care of EVERYTHING. Nourishment, hydration, figuring out breast feeding, diapers, housecleaning, giving me breaks so I could sleep, you know all that stuff. I had no idea what I was doing and she empowered me to transition into a confident place and find my intuitive flow with motherhood. Thank you Danielle, for all that you did for us. I hope anyone reading this, desiring the support all women deserve as they take their sacred journey into motherhood considers reaching out to Doula DeeLight for full dimensional, full spectrum Doula services."


"Danielle’s presence with families during labor and delivery is invaluable. Mothers are in competent and caring hands. She’s intuitive with a high level of awareness for assessing and responding to changing needs and offers steadfast support for the entire birth team.  Her professionalism and dedication is a welcome addition in the birthing room."

-Virginia Nagel, CNM | Avista Women’s Care, Louisville

"We are forever grateful for Danielle. During the long labor of bringing our baby boy into the world she went above and beyond offering continuous nurturing care and heart-centered emotional support. Serving as our advocate, she ensured we were well-informed and empowered with all the decisions we had to make.  Having her by our side was a tremendous benefit and she is an integral member of our birth team family."

-Erica and Kyle

"Danielle provided excellent support during my birth and first month postpartum.  Her constant care allowed me to focus on nurturing and bonding with my baby, as well as to rest and heal from birth. Danielle served me with loving care, flexibility and kindness in all she did from preparing delicious and nutritious meals to keeping my home warm and tidy, welcoming guests and accompanying us to appointments and errands.  She encouraged my confidence as I embraced becoming a single mother.  We love her beyond measure and will forever hold her close in our hearts."


"I cannot thank Danielle enough for the support and care she provided before, during and after the birth of our son. It was a precious and challenging time, and having her at my side to support me and us as a family was amazing. I know she will continue to thrive as a doula because she has a unique combination of intuition, empathy, openness and willingness to learn from the other amazing doulas, midwives and care providers around her. She is fantastic and we thank her greatly for everything!"

-Lindsey & Ben